Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

The Advisory Council was established in 1977 under the
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Act and the
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Regulations.
It was created to educate the public and advise the
provincial government on
issues of interest and concern
to women
. The Advisory Council works to make sure
that issues affecting the lives of Nova Scotia women
become part of the government's plan.
Our concerns touch all areas of women's lives.

Hundreds Offer Input to Help Shape Sexual Violence Strategy Plan

"More than 800 Nova Scotians shared their perspectives to help shape an action plan for the province's first sexual violence strategy. 

The input helped identify key areas for improving services and supports for victims and families, where current gaps exist, and a need for more public awareness and education on the issue of sexual violence. 

"We were encouraged by the volume of respondents," said Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard. "We have heard from Nova Scotians who have been impacted by sexual violence and from those who are interested in this issue and want to make a positive difference. We are taking this opportunity to share what we heard as we move forward with engagement and implementation strategies."

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