Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

The Advisory Council was established in 1977 under the
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Act and the
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Regulations.
It was created to educate the public and advise the
provincial government on
issues of interest and concern
to women
. The Advisory Council works to make sure
that issues affecting the lives of Nova Scotia women
become part of the government's plan.
Our concerns touch all areas of women's lives.

Votes for Women Booklet Series

Progress is being made in Nova Scotia, and nationally, but there is still work to be done to have women represented in elected leadership roles in equal numbers as men.

You have a lot to offer.  Considering elected political leadership is one way to make your mark and bring your voice to the table. There is a lot to consider in putting yourself forward as a candidate and entering political life.

These booklets have been designed to assist you in determining which pathway to leadership makes the most sense for you, and the neccesary steps to attaning your goal.

Click here to view & download the 6 booklet series.