Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women

The Advisory Council was established in 1977 under the
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Act and the
Advisory Council on the Status of Women Regulations.
It was created to educate the public and advise the
provincial government on
issues of interest and concern
to women
. The Advisory Council works to make sure
that issues affecting the lives of Nova Scotia women
become part of the government's plan.
Our concerns touch all areas of women's lives.

GBA+ Awareness Week 2017


From May 29 to June 2, 2017, the Government of Canada is celebrating its 6th annual GBA+ Awareness week. This year’s theme is GBA+: Inclusion. Innovation. For the next 150.

As Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation, we are looking to the future — a future where Canada leads the world in innovation and inclusive growth. Gender-based Analysis Plus can help us get there.

Watch micro-learning videos:
GBA+: Beyond Sex and Gender
GBA+: Equality or Equity?

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