Status of Women Committee Tables Its Report Taking Action to End Violence Against Young Women and Girls in Canada

The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women presented its report entitled Taking Action to End Violence Against Young Women and Girls in Canada in the House of Commons today. The report is based on submitted briefs and testimony provided by witnesses over the course of 21 meetings held between 12 April and 7 December 2016 during its study on violence against young women and girls.

The Committee decided to conduct this study because acts of gender-based violence can prevent young women and girls from leading fulfilling lives as equal members in Canadian society. Young women and girls who are victimized experience both immediate and long-term physical and mental health problems, reduced economic and social prosperity, and lasting pain and suffering.

The report focuses on three types of violence that have a significant impact on young women and girls: harassment in public spaces, sexual violence on post-secondary campuses, and cyberviolence.

The report also highlights the following areas for action to address violence against young women and girls:

  • establishing public awareness and educational efforts;
  • engaging men and boys in addressing violence;
  • improving law enforcement and the justice system;
  • increasing data collection, research and knowledge;
  • supporting front-line services and community organizations; and
  • collaborating with the provinces and territories.

The Committee’s report makes 45 recommendations to the Government of Canada that aim to prevent, respond to and eliminate acts of violence against young women and girls. A number of recommendations speak to the Federal Strategy on Gender-based Violence, for example:

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