Gender Based Analysis

GBA+ (Status of Women Canada) 
In their Introduction to GBA+ Gender Based Analysis Plus
learning module, Status of Women Canada define
sex and gender as:

Sex is biology – the physical characteristics that distinguish
males from females.  This includes such things as anatomy,
genetics, hormones, metabolism and physiology.

Gender refers to the social differences and relationships
between women and men. Gender is defined by society,
culture and history. It changes over time and between cultures.
Gender roles are learned and expected behaviours that define
and influence the responsibilities, activities, constraints and
opportunities that exist for women and men, girls and boys in
a given society. Some of the variables that influence gender roles
in society include age, class, race, ethnicity, religion,  as well as
geographical, economic and political environments. Gender exists
on a continuum, meaning femininity and masculinity exist in
differing degrees, all influenced by these many other variables.


For more information about sex and gender, please download
Guide for Girls (3rd edition), and see pg 64.


Priority Gender  Equality Action Plan 2008-2013 (UNESCO)