Women in Leadership

We need more women in government decision-making.
Women's place in public decision-making is vital for
two reasons.
First, many policy decisions affect women differently than men.
Their perspectives may not always be included in that
Second, women's talents are needed:
Women offer much in every sphere of life, including government.

Women must be able to offer their views on public decision-making in several ways:

  • as elected officials

  • as citizens: by voting and working for political parties,
    contacting their elected representatives
    and contributing to public consultations

  • as public employees

Women have been fulfilling some of these roles for many years.
Now they must begin to move into new areas and into
leadership roles.

The Advisory Council has supported women's involvement
in public life through our non-partisan campaign schools
for women and similar projects.

We hope this part of our website will show women
how important it is to get involved in political decision-making.

Download our Campaign School for Women Toolkit and Women in Leadership infographic here.

For a list of women MLAs, past and present, click here.