2016 Fact Sheet - Intimate Partner Violence

Making Changes, Ninth Edition :
A Book for Women in Abusive Relationships

December 6th, 2015
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Safety Help and Healing

Measuring violence against women: Statistical trends
Released on February 25, 2013

Fact Sheet on Sexual Violence
Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence
La prévalence de la violence conjugale
December, 2012


Fact Sheet on Domestic Violence
Fact sheet on Homicide and Spousal Homicide
Fact Sheet on Sexual Violence
December, 2011
(Prepared for The National Day of Remembrance and
Action on Violence Against Women).


Domestic Violence Action Plan 2010
December 3rd, 2010

What is included in our action plan

This action plan fulfills our commitment to respond to
recommendations made by the Domestic Violence
Prevention Committee. The committee’s vision was that
“all persons in Nova Scotia live free from
domestic violence and abuse.”

We endorse that vision and will work to make it a reality
through collaboration, coordination, inclusion,
and evidence based decision making as outlined in this plan.


An Exploration of Promising Practices in Response to
Human Trafficking in Canada

September 28th, 2010

This report was commissioned by the Government of Manitoba
on behalf of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Forum of
Senior Officials responsible for the Status of Women.
The purpose of the report is to identify practices -
either in Canada or elsewhere - that could inform Canadian
efforts to prevent human trafficking and support those
who are trafficked.
Read the report here in English and French.


Report of the Domestic Violence Prevention Committee

Submitted to The Deputy Ministers' Leadership
Committee on Family Violence,
June 30, 2009, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Advisory Council staff participated on the Domestic
Violence Prevention Committee and chaired and supported
the Inclusion Working Group. The group held meetings with
representatives from these communities: Acadian Women;
African Nova Scotian Women; Women who have experienced
the criminal justice system; immigrant and new Canadian
women; rural women and their service providers; and
women with disabilities.


Sexual Assault in Nova Scotia: A Statistical Profile
May, 2009

This profile pulls together statistics on sexual assault
in Nova Scotia. It outlines prevalence in the population
and focuses on police-reported sexual assaults and
how they are addressed. For inquiries please call our
toll free number 1-800-565-8662 or email our office:

Safely on Your Way : Child Custody and Access
Information for Women Leaving Abusive Relationships
and Their Service Providers

January 2009

This guide contains general legal information only
and is not intended to replace professional legal
or other advice. The general information and tips in
this guide may not apply to or be suitable for your
specific situation.


Changer pour le mieux : un livre pour les femmes
victimes de violence - 2010, Cinquieme édition


La publication intitulée Changer pour le mieux : un livre
pour les femmes victimes de violence présente les étapes
à suivre pour se protéger et se libérer de la violence familiale
en Nouvelle-Écosse, et contient maintenant des renseignements
à l'intention des familles et des amis qui veulent aider.
Des exemplaires gratuits peuvent être commandés en
composant le 1-800-565-8662, email: